Mia Malkova Interview

Mia Malkova Interview

It’s hard to believe that ten years ago Mia Malkova was working as a hostess at Sizzler (the steakhouse). And now last month, she bought a $4 million castle in Oregon! Mia Malkova has become a full-blown Internet sensation.

In May of 2013 AVN posted an in-depth interview with Mia Malkova. This is that interview.

On Twistys.com, Mia Malkova was named as Twistys Treat of the Year for 2013. The site posted a short promo video announcing Malkova’s crowning here.

“It’s official, voted by the members Mia Malkova lead the voting from day 1 and never looked back,” Rob from Twistys posted the site’s forum earlier today. “A few girls made a challenge here and there but in the end no one caught Mia.”

Spencer Scott finished as the runner-up, and both girls will be coming out to California at the end of the month to be shot by Tammy Sands.

Below is an interview with the blond starlet that ran in the April 2013 issue of AVN.

Mia Malkova is a breath of fresh air. This sun-kissed, all-natural California girl has made tongues wag and jaws drop since her start in the industry less than a year ago. With only a couple handfuls of titles released so far, 2013 is shaping up to be a huge year for the bubbly, flexible, self-professed video game nerd.

For fans eager to see her in action, April is the month. Elegant Angel is releasing Mia, a star showcase in which the rising star performs her first B/B/G and G/G/B scenes, which she calls the best work of her nascent career.

Mia visited the AVN offices in early March to talk about her love for cheesy romance novels, her fascination with hentai porn, and getting her brother into the adult entertainment industry.

So where are you from and how did you find your way into the adult business?

I’m from California and I’m not Russian at all! I chose that name because I have a very girl-next-door look and I wanted something sexy, like an alter ego. It’s a hot name, like a European supermodel. But I’m a California girl.

Is there a connection between you and Natasha Malkova?

It’s funny you ask that because she’s been my best friend since the second grade. We literally grew up together, sleepovers and everything. She’s the reason I got into porn. I was always the more perverted one and I never expected she’d even get naked in front of anyone. She made the jump and then she told me about it and I got kind of excited. She told me how much money she made and it was a lot of money for a 19-year-old!

What was your first scene like?

Well, I jumped right in to working with boys. It was a blow job scene for JesseLoadsMonsterFacials.com.

Were you always sexually adventurous?

This is a shock to everyone who didn’t know me. I’ve never been outgoing. I’ve always been really shy—extremely shy—but I’ve always been perverted. So my close friends who know me know that’s all I talked about, all I thought about was sex, and all I did was masturbate. So it wasn’t a shock to them. Everyone else saw me as this shy, quiet girl, so yeah, it was a shock. I’m open about what I do with everyone. I’m not ashamed. My family and friends have been supportive.

What was your first experience with porn? Did you watch a lot before you started performing?

Yes! I started watching porn full-time when I was like 12 [laughs]. The first stuff I really got into was hentai.

Do you mean like Japanese tentacle porn?

Yes, I do! [laughs]. I still watch it. It’s hot! Then I started watching Skinemax. I wasn’t ready for the hardcore scenes yet. But when I did start watching those I really liked Phoenix Marie. From hentai to anal! But what’s funny is that there was this one scene of hers that I really liked from years back, an anal scene that was really hot. I worked with Manuel Ferrara, and then a couple weeks later I looked up the video to masturbate to, and it was him. That was funny. I also really liked Franziska Facella.

Do you have a preference for boys or girls?

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I prefer boys because I want the penetration. Other times I want a girl because I’m more emotionally attracted to them.

Do you have any favorite scenes of yours?

All of my scenes for Elegant Angel, particularly my scene with Manuel in Cuties 4. We had really good chemistry and he made me squirt for the first time. You can see my shock. Girl Crush 3 with Jessie Andrews was awesome. I have a total girl crush on her now. Elegant really makes beautiful hardcore porn.

Did you have any preconceived notions about the industry beforehand?

Nope. I really had no idea what it was going to be like. It’s a lot more professional than I thought it would be though. My first solo was with Stephen Hicks and everyone treated me like I was a big deal. I didn’t think I was, but it made me feel special and comfortable.

How experienced sexually were you before porn?

Porn opened so many new doors for me. I did have a lot of sex before porn, but it was normal sex—in a bed, in a car, with my boyfriends, stuff like that. I’d only went down on my boyfriend once before my first scene. I’d only given one blow job in my life! After my first scene went well I thought this is something I can do.

What would you like to do that you haven’t yet?

I’d like to work for Digital Playground … Hustler. I really want to act and do features and parodies.

How did your Elegant Angel movie, Mia, come about?

I did the scene with Manuel in Cuties 4 and a couple weeks later I got a call from Mason who said they were thinking of doing a movie with me, which shocked me because that’s one of the bigger companies and it’s a big deal to have your own movie come out. I was really excited about it. I’m in every scene. I’m very real when I perform. I don’t like to fake things. I try to find the connection.

Tell me more about it.

I got to choose all my partners. I did boy/girl scenes with James Deen and Erik Everhard—two of my favorites. I had a girl/girl scene with Dani Daniels, a girl/girl/boy with Manuel Ferrara and Annika Albrite, and a boy/boy/girl with Ramon Nomar and Mick Blue. They were all really great performers and I held nothing back.

Did you have any other jobs before porn?

I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16 and then I worked at Sizzler right up until the weekend before my first scene. My whole plan was that if my first scene went well and I liked it, I’m quitting the next day. I guess we know how that turned out.

What interests do you have outside of porn?

I’m a homebody, so I don’t really hang out a lot. I like to entertain myself. I like reading romance novels because I’m a complete dork. I think it’s a great form of porn. I also like playing video games. I have three brothers so it was kind of a must for me to get into it too. I play Sims 3, Skyrim and World of Warcraft.

What fantasies do you want to play out in porn that you haven’t?

I really like role playing so I’m really dying to do features and parodies. I also really like water, so maybe something in a rainforest or under a waterfall.

Do you watch a lot of porn now?

I watch my own scenes. I masturbate to them too. Is that weird? [laughs] Sometimes I’ll watch some other porn, but just to see the guys. I know, I’m a little strange.

Do you see this as a career?

Yes, I’d like to stay in it as long as possible. I’m having a lot of fun and don’t want to stop. I’m not sure I can see myself going back to a different job. I don’t really care about mainstream stuff either—I love porn.

What else should people know about you?

Well, one thing that’s interesting is that my brother is getting into the industry. My real brother—we have same mother. I’m just putting it out there because no one better book us together, or on the same movie or anything! His name is Justin Hunt and he’s with 101 Modeling. He’s only done one boy/girl scene and he’s doing some stuff for Amateur Allure. He’s really pumped about it. I got him in! I think it’s awesome.

  • Age: 20
  • Hometown: Palm Springs, Calif.
  • Measurements: 5-foot-7, 120 lbs., 34C-26-36
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Ethnicity: German, Irish, French Canadian (and more)
  • Twitter: @miamalkova